getting the CM Motor Mix to work in Ardour

I tried searching for “motor mix” but that yielded no results.

I have a session that I recorded into Ardour, but can’t port to PT to mix down because I accidentally recorded the tracks as 32-bit floating point instead of 24-bit unsigned int, and now pro tools won’t read the files.

I would love to get Ardour working with my Motor Mix, though, so that I don’t have to bother porting to PT to mix.

If there is something that I have missed that covers this, I would appreciate a link, or if anyone has gotten this working, what did you do?


Does the Motor Mix have a simple MIDI controller mode? If so you can map those controls to the ardour controls using ctrl-click.

The Motor Mix protocol is well-documented and available on their website. So a full-featured driver could appear quickly if someone were sufficiently motivated. We’ve already got a partially functional HUI protocol in the very latest svn. This can easily accomodate the Motor Mix when it’s finished because the two protocols are almost identical.

I’m not completely sure if it does. It very well might. I have not yet had a chance to test it out. The problem, though, is if Ardour doesn’t send back a MIDI message to the MotorMix whenever a fader or nob moves, then it might as well not be motorized.

I would be interested in getting involved (I’m already on the dev list), but despite being a Computer Engineering student, I’m a complete noob when it comes to working on projects beyond the C and Java assignments I’ve had for classes.

That and I haven’t had much time lately. Maybe during the summer I will have a chance to sit down and attempt a driver.

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