Getting Started

Hello Everyone! I am just getting started with recording and would like to use Ardour. I have looked around on the forums and there seems to be a large learning curve for this program. I am very intimidated! Where would be a good place for me to start? I am currently working through the Ardour manual, but still feel a bit lost. Any sort of guidance would be great! Thanks

Here are a couple of video walkthroughs. I haven’t watched them so I can’t vouch for the quality (or lack thereof :slight_smile: :

[Edit:] I have seen the vimeo ones now, and they’re really good.

As long as you are going through the FLOSS manual and not the reference manual, it should guide you thorugh the basics well, and of course the youtube videos;) You could also, if you wanted, look at the Intro to Mixbus video that Harrison Consoles sells. It is focused on Mixbus but at least 75-90 percent of it does carry through to Ardour as well IIRC.


Thank you for the info. I have checked out the videos and they were great! I am delving into the floss manual now…I am sure I will be back as soon as I get confused again. Thanks again!