Getting Started with Linux Midi Music Production

I’m trying to get started in linux midi music production with Ardour 3, but I’m really struggling to find good resources for a beginner. Can anyone point me in the direction of some useful tutorials for getting started with midi and Ardour 3? I need help figuring out what plugins and vsti’s to use and how to install them… Really I haven’t been able to figure out how to accomplish anything with Ardour yet and am hopelessly lost right now. I need any advice on getting started. I do have a little background in Ableton Live, so I’m not completely clueless about some of this stuff, but I am definitely just a beginner.

Any help would be massively appreciated!


perhaps having a look here:

will help you to get things started.



jurnco: have you bothered to check out the Support link at the top of every page here at ? It has links to videos, the tutorial manual, etc. Search on youtube will find many other videos not listed tehre as well.

@jurnco: this guy is making a set of tutorial videos while taking an online course at berkely for music production. His first one is here: and you can then follow the rest of the them as he makes them.

@paul It is a course at Berklee collage of music, not Berkley unfortunately

@ paul: Nice video - I’m looking forward to the rest of them.
Is it possible to participate in completing the manual? I’ve already subscribed to Ardour Dev mailing list but couldn’t find out if there is a participating opportunity…


Thanks nowhisky, I hadn’t found that yet.

Paul, support suggests to me error reporting / troubleshooting, which I wasn’t doing, so I didn’t think to look there. Thanks for the link to the video, I will definitely watch that later.

I found this list of working plugins ( but installing them is turning out to be a nightmare. Two days of troubleshooting and I have some of the calf plugins working… Does anyone know of a good resource for installing any of these? I really just want to make music, not spend another day troubleshooting dependencies.

@jurnco: There are specialised linux distros for music production that come with most of (if not all) these plugins and more, either pre-installed or very easily instalable from their software repositories.

So I suggest you should start by choosing a proper distro. See

jurnco: to echo what Pablo F. just said: if you are a suitable distribution for doing music production, then installing all the available plugins will be a simple, trivial task easily accomplished with the distributions software update/install if they even need to be installed at all. Linux distributions come in many, many different colors and flavors and not are all equally suited to the music production and pro-audio workflows. Don’t make work for yourself by using a less appropriate one.

I HIGHLY recommend AV Linux for a Linux studio. It is the only one that works well for me, after YEARS of fighting to set one up. I am looking forward to the 6.01 version where Ardour 3 will be featured!

This distro has everything you could want in audio and video on a Linux platform. I am a huge fan of this distro and recommend to everyone as a great start into the Linux audio - video world.

Smurf is SO RIGHT. I completely agree.

Prof Knaakenbroed

Quick question for all the AV Linux users…has anyone been able to access the Forum or News page on the AV Linux site the last few days? I have not been able to for 4 days now, no error other than a “Time Out” message…not even a “404”!

I can get the forum now, and could yesterday.
That’s the remastersys site… and the bandshed site also works, as does its link to the forum.
Just tried News link for bandshed - that’s OK for me too, except it doesn’t recognise me because I don’t usually go that route… but when I log in it takes me to the remastersys forum.

Thanks for checking anahata…it IS appreciated!

It just must not like me anymore, still can not access it, cleared cache, etc etc etc…will keep trying tho. I was hoping that 6.01 was out and I could not access the site because it was being updated with all the new info about it!! LOL!!


Hi I’m not sure why you are having trouble accessing the forum, unfortunately I’m extremely busy at my job right now and have almost no time to look into this but be assured I will as soon as possible. As far as AV Linux 6.0.1 you haven’t missed anything, I am waiting for Mixbus 2.3 which has been longer in arriving than I originally expected and also falkTX of KXStudio has been working very hard on his ‘Carla’ plugin host and I’ve been doing some behind the scenes testing of it as well to include in 6.0.1.

Thanks for mentioning this and I promise to get to it ASAP.

Hi friends, I can confirm Smurfs observation, I wasn’t able to access to AVL page the last days as well.

But I was successful yesterday, so it seems it was just a temporary problem.

Yours Prof Knaakenbroed

Hey Gmag, I can access the Forum & News as of 6PM today thru the header links. The only way I could get into it before was clicking on the LiVES Video Editor link under the “Application/Links” on the lower Right of the page…what!!! LOL

Leave it to me & my funky connection… :wink: :cool: