Getting started with JACK

Hello I ve been typing “sudo apt-get install jackd” and also compiling the source code of jack, but ardour still doesnt start. I get the message “could not start JACK”
I have another software for music that uses “ALSA” does that mean that my soundcard is not supported by JACK?

If your soundcard is supported by ALSA it is supported by Jack.

You need to make sure you are telling Ardour the correct settings to start Jack. Check the “Audio Engine” tab, or use QJackCTL to start Jack. Starting Ardour from the command line will mean you see the console output which can give some clues.


Thanks for those direction seablade. I’ll look that up right now and tell you if I get some progress.

QJackCTL looks very usefull but it says “impossible to start jack” despite I indicated the “jackd” directory in usr/share

I found that the prefix did not point to the executable. I changed that but now I have a different message that says “impossible to connect the JACK sever as client”

I see now that my soundcard works on mu thru portaudio with an alsa “api” but I don’t know what is an “api”…

I tried to run jack not in realtime for it seems “I encounter xruns” maybe a problem in memory allocation. so I tryed not realtime but still have an error that says there is a lacking jack library

could not open driver directory /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/jack: No such file or directory
jackd: no drivers found; exiting
I will stop searching for tonight.

Why would you compile jackd if jackd is in all the repositories(debian, ubuntu,…)?
On debian jackd is complete installable and works perfect.
If something isn’t working maybe it’s kind of configuration problem.

hello cajmere! As it did not work I thought compiling it might be a track to get out of the mess.
Now I admit I don’t know what to do for it seems jack is not correctly installed
If you think about a configuration problem, could you please be more precise?


My suspicion is that between installing the distro Jack and trying to compile your own you ended up with multiple copies installed which is a very bad situation. This type of thing is best addressed over IRC, but the short version is that you need to remove, through apt, the distro installed jack, and then manually remove every jack reference remaining on your system, then you can reinstall from the distro repositories or build it yourself, but i don’t recommend doing both unless you know what you are doing and can install the compiled version directly over the repository version.


What Seablad says. You probably have mixed up jackd now. Follow him :).

What i mean with configuration you probably doing something wrong.
What is your soundcard? Firewire, usb, pci-e,…?

Yes Cajmere! thanks! Thanks Seablade, yes that’s probably the problem. What do you mean about IRC are ther help channels there? I can use apt-get remove to remove jackd but I don’t know where are the references.

I just installed xchat and I’m talking on ubuntu #jack channel but noone seems to read me.

I’ll be back there in two hours.

the core developers of ardour and JACK do not hang out in any distribution specific channels. For Ardour, you want to be on Freenode in the #ardour channel. For JACK, you want to be on Freenode, in the #jack channel. You don’t even need to install a browser for this … contains links to browser-capable ways to get directly into those channels, as does the Chat link under the About menu in Ardour itself.

Although xchat does work well as well:) I would recommend asking and then hanging around for a while as it can take a while sometimes for someone with the time and knowledge to see your question and help. But don’t ask if you can ask the question, just go ahead state what your problem is and ask for what help you need.