Getting started guide for Ubuntu?


is there a getting started type guide for running Ardour on ubuntu? I’m not savvy with Linux audio, a guide I could follow to make it easier to avoid the pitfalls would have been great.

Yup, there’s a getting started guide here:

Great, thanks!

That guide has a good run down of how to install on Ubuntu, but I would add one suggestion. Instead of individually selecting various packages, I’d recommend installing the Ubuntu Studio audio metapackage, which is called ubuntustudio-audio. This will install a whole suite of very handy audio programs and plug-ins. Ubuntu Studio itself is a decent distro, though it’s not at a point where I think I would recommend it to a new user.

You should also know that while the guide mentions that you should set your computer up for real-time audio configuration, it does not tell you how to do so. It’s a bit of work to do, and I don’t have time at the moment to go into it. But I will say that unlike the manual’s statement that your system will ‘run quite a bit better’ with real-time, my system was basically unusable without it.