Getting rid of pops/cracks

Howdy folks…
Newbie here. I am getting some pops and cracks during recording and also during playback of imported files (WAV,MP3). Since I don’t ever hear this in the same time twice I am suspecting Latency issues? If so, how do I compensate for this?

What does the DSP value in Ardour read? Chances are it is around 80% or higher? In which case you should increase your buffer size and/or disable some plugins.


Plz forgive the plethora of questions…I am a newbie in the truest sense of the word…where do I check the buffer size and make the proper adjustments?

first, before launching JackPilot + Ardour , open the prefs in JackPilot to chose a buffer size. ( we’ve done the same thing in PT: DAE choices)
begin with:512 . save, launch Jackpillot and Ardour . Later, you can try with 256, or lower. ( to check at which point pops and cracks are coming )
In Ardour, you find the Jack menu, there you can also change values …
–> but when values are choosen, you must try 1 or 2 times to open the same session, cause, I dont know why, the cracks are not similar for the same value after several starts of a session.
in the Ardour edit menu, lowest line :
Jack: x kHz/y ms Buffers: z % DSP: x,x %

Thanks JL…let ya know how it goes!

I was just having this problem. I found the cause was the graphical change when the play marker (the red line that moves across the screen) got to the end of the screen and the program then had to flip to “the next page” (so to speak) of the song. I zoomed out all the way (going to the bottom where it shows you where your view is currently in the timeline of the song, and dragging each side all the way left and right so the frame encompasses the entire song). Then the program doesn’t have to “think” about flipping the screen to the next bit of the song once the red line reaches the right side. I kid you not, that got rid of my popping noise problem.


First off this thread is quite a few years old (3 now). Secondly this actually indicates an issue in the graphics driver or how your system is set up. This shouldn’t be happening. But just in case do make sure you are up to date on graphics drivers and Ardour, and make sure that your system is properly configured for realtime operation.