Getting Jack OS X & M-Audio Firewire 410 to talk to each other...

I’m running Mac OS 10.4.11 on an Intel MacBook Pro, and Ardour has quickly become my favorite DAW. I work with VST’s by connecting their output (standalone) via Jack to an Ardour track, and it works great.

But I just bought an M-Audio Firewire 410 unit to free up some USB’s and to get rid of the noticable latency and noise of the MacBook’s soundcard. The 410 comes with the little software mixer, like most soundcards do, and I’m trying to figure out how to get Jack osx and the M-audio software to talk to each other in a way that will allow me to work with VST’s in a similar way as I did before. However, Jack doesn’t register the existance of these VST standalones anymore, but the output from the vst is coming through the 410 (output 1/2). I’m trying to figure out how to get that vst’s output from the 410 into Ardour via Jack, but all Ardour will accept is the output coming directly from the instrument (no VST is present). Is this possible?

Really frustrating, and I’m trying to figure it out in the next two weeks, so that if it just doesn’t work, I can return the 410.

This is my first day fiddling with this, but I don’t have internet at my apartment so I figured I would throw this out there as soon as I could for some help. Sorry if I’m really vague…I’ll find any details anyone who wants to help might need.

Hi… weird thing there…

Could you post a screenshot of the jackosx routing window or the same in qjackctl if you use it ?

How do you launch the VSTs ?