getting BCF 2000 continuous feedback


I recently set up a new Linux box for audio, and I’m having trouble with my BCF2000 control surface. It’s probably a simple option that I’m missing, but I can’t get ardour to send feedback to the surface while transport is running. It’s all connected properly, and it will record automation correctly. However, when I play back the automation data, the sliders don’t move until I stop transport. Feedback does work when the transport is stopped; the faders leap to where they’re supposed to be when the track isn’t rolling. If I drag the playback line around, the faders will also move to their appropriate place, but only when I release the mouse button.

I can’t find an option that specifies whether feedback should only be given when transport is stopped, am I missing something?

– Alex

version of ardour? platform?

The problem has disappeared as mysteriously as it arrived. I think I might’ve had my alsa midi connections slightly off, although I don’t know why it would work when the transport was stopped. Either way, it’s working now. I’m using Gentoo/Pro Audio with Ardour 2.8.1 for the record.