getting ardour to use jack properly

So. half the problem i’m having is probably with jack. Even if I have jack already running with the freebob drivers running, when i start ardour it starts another jack server using the alsa drivers for my soundcard, which is what ardour wants to use. FC5 x86 64, amd 64x2 3800 (whee!).

I’m also not sure that jack is running properly in the first place. my firpods indicate a good connection to the computer (WAY faster to connect than with windows, no suprise…) but the only time the patchbay for jack works is when ardour is running, using alsa and my soundcard.

How do I configure ardour/jack to boot using freebob?

You need to run both jack and ardour as the same user. i.e. you can’t start jackd as root, and ardour as another user.

If this doesn’t help, please post the messages you get when you start jackd (including the command line parameters given to jackd at start time).