Getting an unusual sound after days of working...

Hello everybody, hopefully everything’s ok. To be honest I’m a noob in all this.

I’m running Ubuntu Studio 19.10 in an old macbook from the 2009. And everytime was going smoothly, recording fine, the playback fine. Until yesterday night that the audio went all choppy, not choppy as in “jack’s not open” or choppy type “you need realtime” (im crazy looking for a solution but haven’t found one so that’s why i write to you guys). Choppy as in some kind of interference. The audio sounds on time, don’t get me wrong, but it has this weird interference like electromagnetic or whatever idk how to call it.

I thought it could be my audio interface but it works just fine with audio outside the software and audacity recordings.

Thank you for taking your time, good day y’all.

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