Get mdaPiano and mdaEPiano lv2 working on Fedora

Dear all,
I am using Ardour 6 on Fedora36. The mdaEPiano lv2 plugin is installed, but Ardour complains about Port 0:

Bundle: file:///home/username/.lv2/lv2-mdaEPiano.lv2/
LV2 Category: 'Instrument Plugin'
Port 0 ('MIDI') has no known data type

I assume this is configured in mdaPiano.ttl, in the section ports. From the distribution I get:

  lv2:port [
    a ev:EventPort, lv2:InputPort;
    lv2:index 0;
    ev:supportsEvent <>;
    lv2:symbol "midi";
    lv2:name "MIDI";

I have tried some changes (copy of other lv2’s) but to no avail. Is there anyone with a working mdaEPiano (or mdaPiano) on Fedora?

(my setup is AMD Ryzen 7, 32GB, Fedora 36, behringer u-phoria umc404hd, connect via alsa)

Update mda.lv2 (David Robillard / mda-lv2 · GitLab)

LV2 EventPorts have been deprecated in January 2014and support has been finally removed now (in favor of LV2 Atom message ports).

Dear Robin,
thank you very much. After installing some extra software (meson, reuse) I was able to compile the code and have now a good working set plugins of mda, including the much wanted mdaPiano!

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