Get coordinates from an audio recording

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suppose we have one or two microphones on, with Ardour recording.
I tap on the table at random points.
Is it possible, from the recording, to obtain the coordinates (x,y) of each struck point?
(with appropriate approximations)
Is there any way to do this?

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What you are discussing is a research project in itself effectively, but yes in theory it is possible to an extent (Not built in to Ardour in any way shape or form, you would need to create/use other tools but Ardour could provide the recording)

The theory is something like this:

  1. Measure the distance between the microphone capsules. Measure the distance between the surface and the capsules.
  2. Record the taps
  3. Triangulate based off delay timings the different in delay times and the distances between capsules and sources (Tabletop/fingers)

The problem is Triangulation requires at least three microphones really to be precise, but even that isn’t perfect especially when dealing with acoustics. You would need to be able to account for reflections in the room creating false impressions, etc.

So lots of math involved, but technically feasible given the appropriate equipment. Exactly what are you trying to accomplish might I ask?



It was an idea, many interesting things could be done.
In short, with the simple integrated microphone of a normal laptop it is impossible to obtain this informations from audio recorded.

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