Get back to L & R

When I add the Voxengo SPAN plugin on my PC version of Ardour, it adds 8 outputs. So, my panning area has 8 speakers in a big circle.

How do I stop it from doing this? On my Mac, it just keeps the existing L & R. .

The plugin has 8 outputs. Something has to happen to those outputs.

What version of Ardour are you using? We’ve taken steps to make it easier for you to decide “what happens to those outputs” in the case of instruments (which are the typical multi-output plugins), but not so much with FX plugins.

It sounds as if the PC and Mac version of SPAN are different (not suprising, since AudioUnits and VST are quite different plugin standards)

Using Ardour version 5.4.

I figured out how to remove to remove the outputs. Have to change the SPAN pin connections to manual mode, remove 6 of the Audio Outs. Then have to go into the track routing grid and remove the 6 extra busses on the Master Out. Seems like an unnecessary amount of work, but yeah could just be the difference of the plugin between the platforms.