...Get Ardour to send tempo changes to Hydrogen?


Been trying to make this happen, but no luck so far. I want to get Hydrogen to change tempo in the middle of a song. Since I read that it is not a feature available yet, it seems there is a workaround by setting that tempo change in Ardour, then slaving Hydrogen so that it captures the change and reproduces the drums accordingly.

In order to make this happen, I have set up Ardour time signature changes to match Hydrogen’s, so that it’s all the same bars and beats throughout for both of them. Then I clicked on Ardour “Time Master” button. I then have tried to find a way to set Hydrogen as a slave, but have found nothing.

In summary, Hydrogen ignores the tempo change and continues to use its own tempo.

Any ideas around this? What am I missing?


AFAIK, you need a dev version of hydrogen (0.9.4 svn or beta proposed on their website). 0.9.3 does not respond to external time events.

From what I understand jack doesn’t support tempo changes (or does it?).
I guess your best alternative is to record the drums in two separate takes.

Alright, thanks anyways…

I suppose I will give it a try at recording in several takes… Not nice when you play prog stuff!!! :wink:

You could maybe use Rosegarden with hydrogen as synth or linuxsampler or specimen with a drumsample. I think Rosegarden can do such a tempo shift…

JACK supports the distribution of information about tempo & meter changes. There are limitations but they don’t apply in this particular case.


For those interested, it is indeed possible by using the latest versions of Hydrogen (I have used Beta 3). Having said so, keep in mind that it only works if Ardour and Hydrogen are EXACTLY the same in terms of beats and bars. Also be aware that these betas have other issues as well…