...Get an M-Audio 1814 firewire card working with Ubuntu/Linux?


Finally got my Ardour2 to run successfully, but on the laptop default sound card. It won’t even recognise my firewire M-audio one. I have checked on M-audio website and there are no Linux drivers, just Win or Mac.

Anybody know a way around it? If there is no easy way out, can you let me know some semi pro/pro soundcards which work with Linux?


You haven’t specified which M-Audio interface you have.

According to FFADO there’s at least support for some: http://www.ffado.org/?q=devicesupport/list&page=1

Hi GodlikeCreature!!! check this link:


In this page are all the soundcards that work good with Linux.

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looks like you’re out of luck:


FFADO is the Linux Firewire Audio framework (the successor of FreeBoB, somewhat analogous to ALSA). So I’m pretty certain that if it’s not supported by FFADO, it’s not (yet) supported.

Please make sure you let M-Audio know that Linux driver support matters to you.

Check the FFADO website for supported firewire devices; check into RME digiface, multiface, and MADIface devices for PCI-based solutions; consider also the M-Audio Delta 1010.

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