Geonkick plugin replaced by stub despite being detected by Ardour and available in plugin selector

So I recently loaded up an old (made in Ardour 7, I’m now on Ardour 8) session which had a track with the Geonkick LV2 plugin. I got a message that said the plugin was not available on the system and had been replaced by a stub. I confirmed that I still had Geonkick installed AND that it was showing up in the plugin manager and plugin selector. I am able to add a new Geonkick track with no issues, but Ardour still isn’t able to link the old track with the plugin.

I was able to find this forum post which involves the same problem I’m having, but with the Calf Reverb plugin. However, it seems that the recommended solution was just “don’t use Calf plugins”, which doesn’t really solve the actual problem. Now that this issue has been documented to have happened on two different plugins, I’m wondering if there is something that can be done within Ardour to solve it. As far as I know, it isn’t happening on any other plugins on my system, but I haven’t had the time to load every single project of mine and take a look. If this is a problem with Geonkick, I’m open to suggestions for alternatives, but I was really hoping there would be a way to replace/ link the stub to the plugin and have it start working again so I don’t have to completely redo the configuration I did in Geonkick.

Thanks in advance for help, and if there is other information you need I would be happy to provide it.

That forum post mentioned two different potential reasons that a plugin would not be loaded.
The problem with the Calf plugins turned out to be a design mistake which prevented the plugin from loading. If that were happening with Geonkick then you would not be able to load it in a new session.

Since you are able to load Geonkick in a new session, then changed URI ID is still a possibility.
I think the Ardour log should indicate if that is the case. Once you confirm that is or is not the case it can inform the next steps in addressing the problem.

The same type? Perhaps you switched from he LV2 to VST variant?

Maybe related to this:

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Thanks for the heads up.

Changing the identifier of a plugin is really bad practice (unless the plugin changes in an incompatible way). I’ve left a comment upstream at Lv2 Backwards Compatibility · Issue #19 · Geonkick-Synthesizer/geonkick · GitHub


I have had a similar issue with ir.lv2
Opening sessions made with previous versions of Ardour, ir is replaced by a stub, even though the plugin manager said it was ok.
However, it hasnt really been a problem for me as there are several other great convolution reverbs to substitute. :grinning:
Also just for info, i have found that Pere Rafels Soler’s lovely lv2 plugins only work with a generic ui now on Ardour 8.2

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