Gentle Moment


One minute seven seconds of sonic bliss. A little reminder re: how much I miss that connection to in Ardour.

Btw, I thought I had posted this notice previously but it isn’t in the forum. Apologies if I’ve repeated it.



Lovely work. Did you ever verify that the development branch with “new” Freesound support works?

Hi Paul, Thanks for the comment, and yes indeed, I’ve worked with the Freesound dev branch. I mentioned to colinf that it seemed pretty stable. I had problems only when trying to download multiple files, and of course that was an intermittent problem. I’ve kept up with that branch though there’s been no work on it for a while now (I think). And btw, the latest Ardour4 is incredible - much improvement in MIDI usability, Airwave’d VST plugins now display properly, and I like the new layout. Sweet stuff. :slight_smile: