Generic Plugin Editor - W10 Ardour 6.8

Hi everyone,

I’m a very new user and also new to DAWs in general, after a very long pause from music I took out of the basement my old bass and started to play again in the digital era :slight_smile:

I fiddled a little in the last weeks with the demo version and in the last days I downloaded the “full” version.
After the new installation I’ve lost the nice GUI of the ace filters, now the system opens always the generic UI, it is fine for the simple ones, but using the EQ with a touch screen (a small one) is not so handy, how do I retrieve the more fancy UI?

this from the manual:

Edit > Preferences > GUI > Use Plugins’ own interface instead of Ardour’s

is not present in my Ardour 6.8

I know it’s not a very deep and urgent request, but… i do not want to connect an external mouse, not for the moment at least, I’m using Ardour as a virtual amp at the moment.


When you installed the full version, have you perhaps opted out of installing

  • [ x ] Harrison XT plugins and ACE plugin GUIs

If, so re-install Ardour and enable the option.

Those ACE-* GUIs are provided by – you can check, in C:\Program Files\Ardour6\lib\ardour6\LV2\ there should be a folder “Harrison.lv2”

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Yes I did!

Shame on me, I did not read the full line, I stopped to

[ x ] Harrison XT plugins and A

(this is how I see it on my small display)

Because I will not use the XT plugins I marked it.

Thank you Robin!

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