generic midi control surface bindings


I’ve been trying to get my control surface (BCF2000) to function properly in ardour, but I’m having a lot of issues. I can bind several ardour controls (e.g. per-channel mute, solo, and fader) to my control surface that all work correctly and persist across sessions.

However, there are many other controls that I can bind to within a session, but are forgotten the next time ardour opens, prompting error messages of the form: “[WARNING]: Generic MIDI control: controllable 1 not found in session (ignored)” from each forgotten control. So far I have found that the following elements have this problem:

  • per-channel record enable
  • global record enable
  • shuttle control
  • playback start
  • playback stop

I suspect there are others, but those are the ones that affect the way I’d like to configure my BCF2000. I think these problems are related to this bug, although the bug only mentions problems with plug-ins:

Furthermore, there are a few elements that it seems like I can bind to (i.e. once I ctrl+middle-click I get the “operate controller” message, and it goes away once I assign a button) that don’t actually work. I’m nearly positive that it’s an issue with the individual elements and not my control surface, since I can bind other elements to those buttons without issue. The two that stand in my way are:

  • go to start of session
  • go to end of session

I really need those controls to be bound in order to record comfortably. Does anyone know a fix/workaround to these problems? Is there some XML file I can hand edit to get my controls set up to my liking? Is everyone having these issues?

Thanks for any help you can provide,
– Alex

There is no fix or workaround currently, it is a bug/issue/geature request for Ardour.

Alternatively you can use the Logic control mode, and while it has some advantages, you will lose your ability to bind to plugins at all. Not necessarily a fix for your particular situation, just an alternative.


Thanks for the info Seablade. Unfortunately, I can’t really use logic mode since that seems to crash Ardour on my system pretty regularly. I’m going to experiment with the patch associated with bug #2655 and see if it fixes my issue. It looks likely to address the problems with binding to transport elements at least.

No chance of seeing that patch tested / committed anytime soon, eh? I’m happy to test for you guys…

Anyway, thanks for your time, I appreciate it.

– Alex

There is certainly a chance for it, it will certainly speed things up if you could test it and post your findings int hat bug report.


@apmontgo: i just committed the patch in #2655 to SVN for 2.0-ongoing.

Excellent! Thanks Paul. I’ll make an svn build and let you know my experiences with the new patch.

Thanks much!
– Alex


For the record, that patch didn’t fix either issue I was having, but then again, it was designed to fix plug-in controls. Perhaps my setup is particularly borked for some reason and the patch will work for others. Either way, I can deal with using the keyboard shortcuts for now.

Thanks for the effort,
– Alex

Go ahead and post a new issue to Mantis then so we can keep track of it, thanks.