Generic MIDI control not receiving data

Hi All

I am facing an issue when mapping my controller to the Generic MIDI Control In.
The MIDI Tracer does not show anything.
However when I just assign the same hardware port to MMC In or MTC In, the tracer shows Midi events normally.

I am using the same session in Ardour 5.12, but struggle to set up midi control in 6.2.

Am I missing something?
Please advise

That was a bug in the MIDI tracer for Arodur 6.0. but it was fixed in 6.2. Are you sure that “Control In” is connected to a source (preferences > Control Surfaces, Generic MIDI > Incoming MIDI) ?

Yes, it is connected.

I have tried fiddling the input in “control surfaces” section as well as “midi connections”.

It is not only the tracer does not see the events, but the “midi learn” does not receive them either.

I have figured out, the problem came from transferring 5.12 session into 6.2.
Generic MIDI control messed up. Creating new session and moving the 5.12 session file there fixed the issue.
Thanks Robin for your swift reply anyway.

Vivat Ardour

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