generic midi cc issue

Hello. I have a midi controller problem and wasn’t able to dig up anything similar in my searches.

Short version- I am unable to control Ardour via generic midi cc on new sessions, but my controller works on older sessions which had bindings assigned.

Long version- I was trying to open Ardour 2 with a session I use often, and each time Ardour would hang and freeze qjackctl along with it. I was able to start Ardour with a new session, but when I tried to set the bindings for my Korg Nano Kontrol as they were in my old session, ctrl+mouse 2 did nothing. The nano was connected to Ardour control input and “generic midi” was checked in the settings. Once Ardour was started with the new session though, I was able to open to old session which worked as it always has, with the nano working normally. I could also set new bindings with Ctrl+mouse 2 in the old session. So in one way the problem is solved, but I’m still puzzled that I can’t set midi cc in fresh sessions. Any ideas? Thanks for reading.