General MIDI Synth Plug-In Saving LV2 Presets not working

Saving or reloading LV2 presets for General MIDI Synth does not seem to work… It will save a preset, and I can select what I have saved, but none of the banks change when the preset is loaded. I just wanted to store a selection of banks and recall them. Should that work with General MIDI Synth ?


I am not sure about General MIDI Synth, but there are other plugins which only show global state in the UI, and if you send per-channel patch change commands the patches on the individual voices assigned to the MIDI channels are not displayed.

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Thanks for the response. That makes sense, and I could see that if there was ‘presets’ it could be very problematic for MIDI PC’s, and that may be why that option is not available. Would you want force the plugin to stay on the alternate preset, or actually change? Then a PC on the MIDI would be a better solution. On the General MIDI Synth, the PC’s from the MIDI are reflected in the UI, I don’t know if they change if altered from an outside MIDI device. I would imagine they would until they encounter another PC code.

I was thinking it would be nice to have some presets for different genres of music, and there are a variety of instruments in the General MIDI Synth.

I guess an option added to the plugin, a button, to ‘Force User Presets’ would work.

The plugin does not have any state (or presets) for the matter.
As the UI states image

It is the MIDI track that retains MIDI Patches.

We should remove the preset selector for this plugin.

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That makes sense to remove the preset selector for this plug in to avoid future confusion. Is that possible to shut it off with LV2 ?

I ran across a very odd behavior while trying to send a PC with the General MIDI Synth. The PC code will show up in the ACE MIDI monitor, but will not record!.
I created a MIDI track, hit record, hit a few notes on external device, and changed patches with General MIDI Synth and they would not record. I did the same with the external device with the EXACT same PC code, and it would record.

I thought it was strange, and when I hooked up an external MIDI Synth, the exact same PC code would show in the ACE MIDI Monitor, and it would record, showing in the teal box on the MIDI track after the transport was stopped, but nothing when sending PC’s with GMSynth, even though they were clearly being sent! Any explanation ?

If the problem above didn’t exist, would a more accurate way to phrase this be"sent to & from track" ?

Anyways, this plug-in is very useful and sounds good! It is a good go-to for a quick sound. Thank you!

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