General MIDI Synth and a-Fluid synth set to default after changing

So hey guys! I’m working with MIDI files in Ardour. I specifically write them in another application and then import them. I want to give them an instrument (for obvious reasons). The a-fluid synth and general MIDI synths work great at first, but if I change the instrument that is playing (e.g. “Stereo Grand” to “Ocarina”) on then after a few notes it changes back to grand piano. So I have a list of like 50 instruments but can only use 1. Am I doing it wrong or is this a bug? Searches yielded nothing useful; I would appreciate someone’s reply!

If you’re using MIDI files from elsewhere, you need to check that there are no program changes in them, because that will change the synth program. Ardour will show program changes in MIDI tracks if the tracks are tall enough and zoom is appropriate.

Aaah that’s sort of the problem. There’s no patch change, but the patch for the whole section is set to grand piano. I can set it to change halfway through to another voice, but is there a way to change the entire track’s patch?