General interest in Firewire audio + wordclock experiences + BCF

I’ll try to keep it short. (really!)

For any digital audio workstation, I don’t know what people have found to be a reasonable number of (at least) analog inputs. Have a Delta 1010LT and it is serving me well coupled with a Behringer mixer with 8 direct outs.

However after stumbling over FreeBoB and the FireBox/Pod products and the improvements in portable notebook (CPU) power that usually come with firewire… Questions about others experiences with firewire professional quality sound hardware and Ardour…

In particular:

  1. not sure as to the “clock” source for FreeBoB as the driver exist in user space (makes use of kernel 2.6 raw1394 + libraw1394 + libiec61883 + libavc1394 – see
  2. not sure if this is easier to sync (wordclock) two (or more) devices rather than wordclock and some ‘un-natural’ alsa configuration for multiple professional cards.
  3. anybody have direct experience with this

misc) Anybody with Ardour2 (from CVS) and the various control API’s (like BCF2000) with good (or bad) stories?

Not sure if this is the best location for these comments/questions – sorry if there is better location! If not perhaps an additional community section for “general open questions”…


I will assume that the lack of response is some indication

  1. No ‘body’ is interested in the topics
  2. No ‘body’ has direct experience with said topics
  3. No ‘body’ got the initial request for shared experience on the topics.



I think it’s a lack of experience. FreeBOB and Ardour2 are still pretty new.

Welp I have a friend that has a “WinHoles/Cubase” base mini (personal) studio and a band – [heheh and is an employee of M$] with two of the supported firewire sound devices (2xFirePods) – I probably could convience him (if I go up and visit) to see how it works on one of my Ardour machines…

I will wait for the code to mature some more before installing the parts!

for a M$ employee he calls me a “Penguin Lover” yet is fairly open minded about stuff (and has a minor interest in Ardour, for the Mac OS X – one of the other band members has Mac OS X) …

It will take me some time so don’t expect any report back any time soon!