GB,MMC and Ardour question

Hi all - need some suggestions here…

I need to have ardour and gb “sync up” - pressing play in gb should start ardour playing (or vice versa) but i dont know if its a routing issue or if its even possible.

Any ideas? Thanx!

OSX 10.4.9
Ardour 2

if GB sends or responds to MMC, then you can get them to control each other (this is not the same as sync, though). You will need a MIDI patch bay for OS X (there is at least one good free one from Pete Yandell, if I recall correctly), and then just connect GB’s MIDI out(s) to Ardour’s MIDI input. Enable MMC control in Ardour, do whatever needs to be done in GB, and you should be all set. You can go in the reverse direction (if GB responds to MMC) by enabling “Send MMC” in the Ardour options menu.


Need some help with MidiPatchbay apparently

Anyone else get GarageBand to respond to Ardours MMC?

Still cant get it right - maybe im mistaken but i thought garageband accepted mmc. MIDI Patchbay seems like the way to go but i dont see a virtual input to gb. i’ll keep working with it tho - probably missed something obvious.

I really not familiar with GB, but with the reply of other people i am also learning. You have a very informative post in here. soap nuts

apart from the soapnuts spam,
you should create another MIDI_in or MIDI_out in MIDIPatchbay called, for example, BarageBand and assign the MIDI in or out in GarageBand to that port.
In that patch you should then click on the tab “other” and assure that the option “Allow MIDI clock and realtime messages” is turned on.
I think it should work, but I don’t know BG at all. I hope it will be helpful.

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