Garritan Personal Orchestra

Can Garritan Personal Orchestra be used with Ardour?


Not in any way shape or form with Ardour2(At least not for composing, you can record the output of it like any other audio source, but that is about it). With Ardour3 which is in development, on OS X when it gets released it is much more likely(Meaning MIDI and VIs will be supported). I am curious to see if the SFZ libs from GPO can be used with LinuxSampler to allow use even on Linux to be honest, but I haven’t checked myself.


Any recommendations for orchestra samples?

@david-guitar: i think you missed the point of seablade’s post. He wasn’t saying that you can’t use Garriton P.Orch. He was saying that with the current release version of ardour, you can’t really use any sample library in the sense of “hook this up to some MIDI data and make noise”. You could use any sample library that you could access normal audio files for, but I think the sense was that you were expecting to do MIDI sequencing. Ardour2 doesn’t do that; Ardour3 (unreleased but entering beta testing) does.

A free set of orchestra samples is the Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra which you can find here:
This consists of samples in the SFZ format which are playable with the head version of LinuxSampler. You need Ardour3 or another midi sequencer to use these files.

Thanks for the comments. I’ve started using Ardour 3 Alpha 10 (I like the changes BTW). I currently use LinuxSampler to record samples and Pianoteq as a stand alone application. I’m looking for good orchestra samples to use either with LinuxSampler or some other linux sample player.

I’m guessing that this means that I can’t play any of my EWI-USB VST instruments? Eg. Akai/Garritan Player, KorgM1 DLE - I currently load these up in a Reaper project and I can select all my patches to play live from there.

@gigaday: the VST instruments you mention are plugins written for the Windows operating system. It appears that people are becoming a little too used to the idea that these will “just work” on Linux. When you run reaper, you are running a Windows application inside a Windows emulation/translation environment (Wine), and so yes, they work. Ardour is not a Windows application.

Having said that, an appropriately built version of Ardour3 will load and run most Windows VST plugins, including instruments, and will work quite well with those that are written well (Native Instruments, for example, do a superb job of writing plugins that really adhere to the VST specification 100% and thus run well even when hosted on non-Windows systems).

However, is not currently providing VST-enabled builds of Ardour3, and even when we do, how well things work will depend to some extent on the version of Wine that you have installed, something we have no control over.

OK, I’ll wait until the VST enabled version of Ardour3 comes out and give it a try. At least I know how to do the compile/install now :wink:

While this is tangential to the topic discussed here, I figure I will post a response I got from Garritan about using GPO with LinuxSampler.

We’re familiar with Linuxsasmpler and know the developers. Although we use SFZ we use different opcodes for various effects and functions, so it will not work properly. Also, our files are encrypted. We are in touch with the linuxsampler guys for better interoperability in the future.

So it sounds hopeful, but don’t depend on it right now. Obviously if/when this works you will need A3 for MIDI support which as of right now is not released yet.