Gain plugin missing after KX repositories added


I recently used the stock ladspa gain plugin across a number of channels to do a bit of gain staging. Shortly afterwards I installed the KX repositories, when I re-opened the project all my gain plugins had been disabled and the plugin was no longer available.

Is this a KX repository issue or has there been an update that has disabled the plugin? Is there a similar basic gain plugin I could use as the only other way I’m aware of altering the gain is to adjust it on individual regions.


Well I remember a LADSPA amplifier plugin that I used for this purpose. There are probably several different plugins that would let you do similar that have input or output gain, compressors and dynamics processors especially, just don’t enable the rest of the plugin of course.

There is also region gain as you found, and a trim control in Ardour as well which is a small dial next to the input box on the mixer strip.


Thanks Seablade, yes I think it was the LADSPA amplifier plugin I was using, was just wondering why it suddenly seemed to disappear. It’s not a massive problem, as you say, there are lots of ways round issue.

Ardour did not make a change to remove any plugins like that no.

Have you confirmed if the plugin is missing from your system or if it might get blacklisted for some reason?


I’ve just had a root through the ladspa folder and it is still there. It seems to have a different name from when I added it which possibly explains why it showed as disabled in the project, but it is still there. I’m sure it was actually called “gain” when I added it, but the Mike Rawes “amplifier” appears to be exactly the same thing.

Sorry, should have checked that first!

Ardour also comes with a-Amplifier, a versatile +/- 20dB multichannel amplifier (with dezippered control).


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