Gain envelope or fader automation - CPU/RAM usage

I am still exploring what way is better for what situation when “turning up volume”, but right now I am curious about if either of these two options actually consumes more or less computer resources. It appears to me that gain envelope not using any “animation” such as a moving fader would be lighter, but would it be so much lighter as to consider it an option to free cpu power? thanks for your thoughts!

Not enough of a difference to worry about. It becomes much more a workflow question, which workflow works better for you, then use that one. But no real difference in any modern CPU in as far as processing required for either option (Which is almost nil)


Thanks for your answer, the computer I am using is as “modern” as 2009 can be xD and I surely feel that automation has a weight on its performance. Anyway I’ll start using gain envelope more, I think I can get a more tidy feel from the session with it.