G4 350 mhz , good enough for ardour?

I want to give an ardour version
to a child from a friend of mine.
He has an old G4 with 350mhz
and minimum 512 RAM.
He should be able to record few tracks
(audio onboard)and maybe able to
use simple virtual instruments,
or sampler (no complex stuff)
via an midi-usb interface.
Is that Computer (OS.X.4) fast enough
or are older version from ardour better
in this case.
Can ardour handle virtual instruments as plugin via midi?
Which version should i use?


thx for your answer, so far i
remember he has 768 mb ram,
so that shouldn’t be an issue.
How about a simple au freeware
sampler which should be played via an midi - keyboard? Can you recommend one ? i looked at KVR
(nice website) and found few.
the sampler should be simple as
possible and be able to load
wav or aif files.

the RAM is more of an issue than the processor speed. 512MB is enough for something, but he’d have to try it out to see precisely what. Ardour doesn’t need masses of CPU for its basic operation. Its only plugins (particularly FX like reverb) that burn a lot of CPU cycles. However, RAM and good disk bandwidth are important.