G3 iMac Linux w/ Ardour - seeking advice!

I’ve got an old g3 imac (333mhz?) that I pulled from someone’s garbage a year or so ago which I’m installing Linux on, and am hoping to get Jack and Ardour running on as well.

Any linux ppc (Crux) ab/users around here?

I’m wondering if I should compile the latest, or maybe an earlier version if that would be easier on this poor macs low horse-power. Does it make a difference?



i did try this… a number of years ago. i wouldn’t recommend it. for multitrack recording, you’re not going to have much luck. i don’t believe any of the 333mhz models had firewire. if i’m wrong, definitely use an external firewire drive. have as much ram as possible.

i think as a simple editing and recording box, you should be fine with audacity. ardour is probably overkill and will not be fun.

also, i believe i read somewhere that some of the recent PPC distros don’t load sound drivers and you have to manually enable audio for macs. don’t know why.

essentially, the old G3 imacs just aren’t well suited for this. they do make awesome general-purpose linux boxes, though. i have one running debian with xfce.