“G”&”E/D” mousemode transparency difference - 2022

A new version of outdated 2016 post

When we are working in “G” mode, we don’t need to see every midi notes clearly. That’s why notes could be more blanked colored. Also the midi region could be not so transparent: for subconscious it’s looked like “covered in box” or “closed container”. This appearance will trigger “G-mode mark" in the brain. Than when we press “E”, the midi region becomes transparent: for subconscious it’s looked like “inside the container”.

To get the appreciable difference between “G” and “E”, I found two options in Edit>Preferences>Theme>Transparency:

editable region- move the slider to the left:
editable region

midi frame base - move the slider to the right:
midi frame base

A big difference between sliders position provides a big visual difference between E&G modes!

G_E - default

G_E - enhanced


This is very cool and helpful, thank you!

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