fuxter - empty

hey everyone,


i was away from music composing for about three years and not so long ago i felt the burning need to write music again. and since i escaped from windows quite a long time ago i looked for music software on linux. so i used ardour for recording and mixing and i just adore this piece of software. really, i’m endlessly thankful for it.

anyway, i used milkytracker for synths with amiga soundchip interpolation, drums sampled from famytracker emulating NES soundchip, acoustik guitar, bass guitar, vocals. it’s a song about me being empty lately.

i have to confess that i’m a bad singer, bad player and never made a traker/chiptune music before. so the result is somewhat unsatisfying but i’m really proud of it.

mastered with jamin a little bit.

comments are really appreciated.

I like it a lot. It’s different. Great work!

the last floor is a joker

I understand nothing about the lyrics, but i like the chorus. Bassline flows nicely. Not so huge fan of commodore sounds, but suddenly i felt a need to play some commando :slight_smile: Thanks!

I like this too, and I don’t think the singing or the playing is bad. In fact it’s all pretty impressive for a first attempt at this style of music, you should be proud of it.

And yes, the theme music to Commando rocked.


thanks everyone for comments =)

very glad you like it, despite it being very flawed. the lyrics are in russian by the way.
thank you, t_sysimetsa, for mentioning the bassline, it’s actually my favorite part of the song, but i haven’t got any feedback on my bass guitar playing skills =))

thanks, Stuart. actually, i’m very proud of myself. not because the track is great but because i know that i tried hard and did a great job.

anyway, hope i can return to you in near future with a better thing to show made with awesome ardour.