"Funny Gee", song recorded and mixed with Ardour


Really nice! The video is awesome too - loving the eyes thing

Wooha, nice. Also my favorite song from that Kayanga Album.

While we’re at it: What microphone is that? You seem to be using that a lot and it does not only look impressive but also sounds awesome.

PS. Thanks for sharing. /me meanwhile lines up for a “Fields of Yellow Paper” video :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot! Very glad you like it :slight_smile:
x42, those are Hammer microphones, they are ribbon mics manufactured by a friend of mine, they do look and sound really cool, more and more professional recording studios are buying units from him.

Hehehehe :wink:

It’s all auto-produced, at the living room with my cellphone, very fast. I video-edited it too.

It’s the same style as the Sgt. Pepper’s video I made, but since it’s being SO-difficult to spread the word of these songs, I tried to take advantage of the minimal repercussion the Pepper video can have, that’s why it resembles the look. But I incorporated some new stuff like the cellphone-eyes idea, which came to my mind while partying with some friends.

I don’t know, I think it’s just necessary to have the songs on youtube, so although what I really like is making the music, I try to come with little videos like this, to post the songs on youtube.

Very nice - what is the name of the video editor?

His name is in John, but he’s uncredited :slight_smile:

(sorry, could not resist)

Ha, ha, I see what you mean.
I asked because i have tried Cinelerra, but I think the learning curve for this program is somewhat steep, couldn’t make it render.
So i thought maybe there is an alternative. I am surprised to learn that the eye thing can be made on an app on a cell phone,

The “eyes” are probably just a full-screen video playback on the phone (no need for an app). The video might even be recorded with the phone, maybe with digital zoom.

As for editing software, I’d have expected some more complex piece though (not a phone video compositor). Then again I have no idea what’s out there in the mobile phone world these days.

No no, the editing software was Premiere, I meant I filmed it with my phone.
About the eyes, it’s just a video of my face singing the song, then zooming and cropping the eyes to extract both eyes, loading each video (each eye) on two different phones and that’s it. :wink:

You make it sound so easy! :slight_smile: