Funeral Doom Metal song created using Ardour3beta5 and Hydrogen, mastered with jamin

I would be highly grateful if you guys take a look at in your spare time and drop in some criticism about the mixing, drum programming, riffing, mastering etc. Everything has been done using ardour3beta5, hydrogen(death metal drumkit) and jamin. I am new to recording stuff, and in need of your feedback and attention.

Link to audio :


I have no idea how to critique this.

I do disagree with Smurf ENTIRELY, however, when he said “the musical statement could have been made in like 2/3rds the time.”


The entire musical statement could have been made in 1/10th the time. If not less.

To my ear this isn’t very musical. It’s mostly percussion with occasional guitar stabs and an asthmatic guy with a mic. I don’t actually hear any “riffing.” I can’t really critique the mix except to say it’s not clear enough to make enough of anything out to critique. Which is sort of a critique.

Definitely not my style of music… so maybe it’s supposed to sound like that. I just don’t know.

What I do know is that if this band had a leader, he would look like this guy:

Thank you very much for checking out the song. I used a digitech rv7 reverb pedal for my guitars, and vocals (I did not record a dry signal in the first hand). I used Calf LV2 reverb in the master track. I endeavored to get the sound of bands like esoteric, colosseum , moonsorrow etc, with high reverb and stuff, but I guess the end result was not what I wished it to be, it sounds muddy, that it does.

Thank you very much for your feedback. For the fact that the musical statement could be made in 2/3rd time, I do agree on that. What I wanted here is to make it sound hypnotic, its not exactly the technical sort of metal. Personally I like it long, slow and monotonous. As for the mixing and the sound of the drums go, I realize that I suck at it. It would be very helpful if you could suggest how I can improve on that.

Thank you for listening to the song. That bit you said “an asthmatic guy with a mic”, you are actually right. I am asthmatic, that’s the best vocals I can churn out of my vocal cords. That this song is slow, is deliberate, but as far as the monotonicity and the fact that the entire musical statement could be done in 1/10th of the time is possibly me lacking the necessary musical knowledge (or experience) to compose truly eloquent “funeral doom metal”. There are two interesting riffs in this song (in my opinion, by the way), but the rest of the song has really puny riffs just to add to the environment of the song (is supposed to). The bass drum does sound too compressed, but honestly speaking, I have very little idea on mastering, all I did was play around with jamin till I got a sound that did not fart out in my M-Audio AV40. I appreciate your critique, and I would be very obliged if you can offer some helpful advice.

What plugins is used? (LADSPA, LV2) Overall I fell that there’s too much reverb and that it sounds like the band is playing from another room. I’m in a rush right now, but will return with more comments tomorrow or something. :slight_smile:

"…drop in some criticism about the mixing, drum programming, riffing, mastering etc. "

OK, but please take this ALL with a grain of salt.

First off, this is not a style of music I listen to a lot, but there were 3 things that jumped out at me…

  1. It is too “warm, dark, slightly muddy” sounding. The drums don’t have that “clicky” kick sound, and the guitars sound really low-mid heavy.

  2. The guitars are mixed way too low

  3. It “feels” too long, like the musical statement could have been made in like 2/3rds the time.

AGAIN, I am NO expert in this style, this is just what I noticed after a few listen-to’s. Overall I think it is a good effort, and the musical ideas & programing are heading in the right direction, great job!!!

Hey there, a good effort! I’m a big fan of doom metal and have recorded quite a bit of it myself, although I tend towards the riffier & progressive side of things ala The Sword and Black Sabbath. Admittedly, I don’t like the growly death-style vocals too much and prefer melodic vocals, but I can’t criticize that since a lot of doom bands use that style and it can be effective. I approve of the Lovecraft influence, too (my doom band is named Alhazred)

I agree the recording sounds muddy, I think it sounded thin, I expect doom metal to have heavy heavy ass kick drums and bass and sludgy oozy guitars. It’s hard to get a good thuddy bass with samples, but I have found the Calf bass enhancer can really push that. There isn’t a lot of distinction between the instruments, and with doom metal, where everything is likely tuned down, it’s hard to keep everything from falling into mush. I try to keep the guitars panned left and right, so they aren’t right in the center where you want the kick and bass guitar to be. That can help separate the sounds a bit.

Keep at it, though!


Thank you for listening to the song. I had tuned my guitars to a standard E, and tried a loose distortion. My amp does not sound too great when I push my lows too high, so I had put a more middier kind of tone, and after recording I again eq’ed it and cut the mids as it sounded to middy. The worst part is that I had put plate reverb while recording to get an ambient environment, and that made the tone really muddy I guess. I did record separate riffs left and right, and kept the bass in centre (and in spite of that it sound muddy). I’ll have to keep experimenting and learning how to get things right. Anyways, thank you very much for your kind attention, I feel motivated to work on getting my act together.


My sincerest thanks to you for checking out the song, your kind words mean a lot to me. Your friends criticism is pertinent, I shall henceforth endeavour to be meticulous. I would be obliged if you check and drop in some comments, its something I made during the summers using ardour (I used drum samples for drums).

Link :

anirban, i dunno how to give helpful criticism to doom metal because i never listen to it. I like faster thrash stuff when it comes to metal…mostly because i like punk too much. However, my friend listens to tons of doom metal and i just let him listen to it.

He just told me doom metal sounds better when it’s more atmospheric with lots of different stuff going on in the background. Also, the drums are too much (it’s too fast), he says.

Me personally, i think it’s awesome you’re jamming out. First time i’ve heard a doom metal track produced on ardour, hydrogen, jamin etc linux apps. Keep rockin out, i hope to hear more in the future.

I listened to it and wrote my first “review” on archive.