Fun In The Park

This track ‘Kaleeji’ was originally a multi-layer (not multi- track) bit of fun, consisting of percussion, female vocals, and male ‘grunting’ sounds.
With the help of Ardour I have created this dub reggae version (again for fun and challenge), adding bass,rhythm and lead parts. Additional dub effects were created from guitar chops added
to dedicated tracks, with delay and reverb effects added accordingly (LADSPA plug-ins).
Lots of splicing/joining was required to ‘grunt free’ backing on the solo part.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Good work, the bass could maybe be tighter.

Thanks and yes it could.
Two probable reasons are:

  1. I played the bass on a MIDI keyboard (I’m not a piano/keyboard player).
  2. Additional drift is probable due to less than perfect stitching/modifying of
    percussion/vocal track. Work that was done after the bass track. This was to
    remove ‘grunts’ during guitar solo. :slight_smile:

I’m currently rearranging things again anyway. Might try and tighten places up.