Full concert video // 30-track live recording mixed down in Ardour

Hi there,

uuh that was some work, even though I didn’t work as thoroughly on the mixing as I could have. The band needed the mix soon, and it was 2hrs of a live recording, so I had to be a bit quicker.

Here’s one of the resulting videos: https://youtu.be/NDwotGgneXA - for all of the videos, visit https://www.hasa.band/ and click on “HASA JUKEBOX”.

The concert was recorded via a Soundcraft Performer console. A MacBook was connected via Firewire and the approx. 30 signals were recorded into Logic X. From Logic, I did a stem export and imported the whole thing into Ardour on kxStudio 18.04. I could also have done this in Logic on that MacBook, but as said, it needed to go quick, so I used what is the better choice for me, my nerve, and my ears: Ardour. :slight_smile:

The vocal mics were from Heil Sound, the rest basically were line signals. No real amps, no real drum kit. Also virtually no crosstalk, since they use in-ear monitoring only.

Most important plugins used: x42eq, Voxengo Voxformer, Voxengo Elephant, Harrison Multiband Compressor, Harrison Drum Character. IR.LV2 with the Bricasti M7 impulse responses. For the Windows VSTs, I use the LinVST bridge, which works quite solidly and is essential to my workflow.

I also carefully checked to confirm to the LUFS-I loudness of maximally -14dB for YouTube at -1dB true peak. I found that dpMeterXT ist good for having an eye on this, but the Klangfreund LUFS meter also does a good job.

The main vocal track was recorded both completely dry and as passed through the Empirical Labs Distressor, which they use live. I found out that the Sknote Disto-S VST is quite close to the original, for those who want to save some 1800€.

So long… enjoy your flight with „HASA - space travel renamed“ - perhaps some time in some space near you? :slight_smile:


EDIT: The video was recorded using a Panasonic GH5 on a Tripod. Editing in Lightworks also on kxStudio 18.04.


Great band! Great work with the mixing very clean and punchy sound!

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