Full Band Live Recording

Another one made with Ardour: A full band with a singer, two guitars, bass, drums, live on stage. https://youtu.be/q3i7xYL0z2g

All tracks were captured to USB storage using an Allen&Heath Qu16 digital console. Tracks then were imported into Ardour and mixed down and mastered. The video was captured using an old Canon XA10 camcorder. Video editing was done in Lightworks (all on Linux/kxStudio 16.04).

For the drums I only had a kick mic, some clip something for the snare (Beyerdynamic, I think), an MXL something for the hihat and two Line Audio CM3 for the overheads. Bass was DI-Out from a MarkBass amp, left guitar via Sennheiser e906, right guitar don’t remember, vocal mic was a Beta58.

Plugins: I used plenty of x42 EQ. Compressors are mostly Voxengo Voxformer (also on bass and drums), Harrison XT LC Lookahead compressor. Reverbs are from the modern legend Bricasti M7 via the IR.LV2 impulse response plugin. In the master channel I had the Harrison XT MC multiband compressor and the Voxengo Elephant mastering limiter to do a little bit of mastering.

I used plenty of automation, basically to switch EQs on and off and to adjust volume a bit. One might instead copy/move solo guitars to additional tracks, it’s rather a matter of taste.

Two more pieces from that concert are in the making.

Ardour rocks and made this possible. Now that the few WindowsVSTs I use do work rock solid via LinVST, it has become even more of a fantabulous beast than it already was to me.

Enjoy and feel free to comment.

Thank you guys for the lovely feedback. Here’s another one from that night that got done in the meantime: https://youtu.be/n1tSWNF_U2g (Same setup as described in my post above).

Hi,beautiful blues music performance an good mix with open source programs ( Ardour) on gnu linux ciao. :slight_smile:


Yeah, sounds really good. I can hear everything clearly and good mix. Yeah, Ardour rocks…

Nice solid playing,good overall sound,
The lady close to the stage makes the video cool to look at:-)
The concert must have been a nice moment.