Full band live recording mixed with Ardour

Hi there!

While this year’s solo album is still in the queue, I uploaded 5 videos to YouTube today, all of which are from the same live show. (Actually, the guy doing spastically appearing head movements while playing bass, this is me.) The audio from a 14-track full band recording was mixed completely in Ardour.

Here’s the five tracks:

Enjoy and feel free to comment.


A bit of technical details for those of you who are into recording:

Vocal mic: Rode M2
Cello mic: Audix ADX 20 i-p (actually a saxophone mic, but works well, even though the positioning is a pain in the neck)
Electric guitar: Sennheiser E906 in front of Engl amp
Acoustic guitar: DI-Box
Bass guitar: DI output of SWR amp
Drums: Sennheiser E904 on toms and snare top, E902 on kick, Rode NT5 snare bottom, a pair of Oktava MK012s as overheads. Another pair of MK012s for the applause, but I didn’t use those tracks since voc and cello mic had caught enough noise from the audience.

Alltogether recorded into Logic via a Behringer X32 - because this is what the FOH guy had and we were lucky that he did it for us.

Mixdown in Ardour: Used EQ10Q (on all channels), Simple Amplifier (all channels), Calf Compressor (on kick and snare), Gate from Steve Harris’ collection (on toms). Furthermore, Windows VSTs from Voxengo: Voxformer Compressor/DeEsser (on vocals, bass, cello), Elephant Multiband Compressor/Limiter (on acoustic guitar and for mastering). Reverbs were Yamaha REV-X Hall and Room (outboard inside of a Yamaha 91V96i hooked up via ADAT optical to an old RME card).

Windows VSTs: Don’t do this at home, kids. However, for me personally it’s worth the hassle since I simply love the Voxengo compressors.

The audio was put together with the video by some other guy in Adobe Premiere. I know I might have done this in Ardour, but I simply don’t have the time and energy to go into the video domain at the moment.

nice work, sounds great. Well balanced and good seperation between all the instruments. A tad dry for my liking but im one for using lots of reverb very carefully.

doing the video is very easy. ive not tried in in ardour yet, but if its just 1 camera, its just a matter of lining up the audio to the video which usually take about 5 minutes. I usually use kdenlive.