Fucntionality with Remote Control on Keyboard?

I have a Yamaha S90ES keyboard, which has a remote control for working with Logic, Cubase, etc. I was wondering if there is some way to make it work with Ardour in Linux? I’m using the newest Ubuntu Studio.

Yes, but not “automagically”. Assuming that the S90ES sends MIDI CC messages when you twiddle its knobs, you can bind them to:

  • any plugin parameter
  • all track/bus fader, panner, solo, mute, rec-enable
  • tranport roll, stop, rec-enable
  • the shuttle controller

The manual is just being updated about how this is done. Quick overview:

Options -> Control Surfaces -> Generic MIDI -> enable

then make sure your S90ES is plugged into some MIDI port on your computer. Go into the QJackctl “connection dialog” and go to the “ALSA” tab. Connect the relevant hardware MIDI port to the Ardour port named “control”.

in ardour, use ctrl-middle-click to initiate MIDI binding on any of the above mentioned GUI controllers. wiggle the knob/slider/whatever on the S90ES. done.

save the session as a template to use for future sessions, and you won’t need to do this again.