Frontier Tranzport questions

I purchased a used Tranzport and I’d like to get it working with Ardour 2.7.1. Unfortunately my 64 Studio installation has no group named usb. How do I set permissions for the USB device if there’s no USB group ? Btw, I added a tranzport.rules file to /etc/udev, following the advice of a previous post here. My transmitter light flashes at startup, the device shows up in lsusb, but I have no link light yet. Any & all advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hey Dave,

I guess the “previous post” you mean might be from the Ardour Manual, if not there’s a HOWTO there,

is the link.

Im trying to set up an Alphatrack at the moment, ill post back here if i get it to work and explain the steps!

It’s working now with 2.7.1 on my JAD and 64 Studio boxes. Mike Taht led me to the sources for the new kernel driver for the Tranzport and his updated code for Ardour. The new stuff abandons libusb and is much more stable (my JAD system is still using the libusb stuff), but I think Mike plans to add a few more features before it’s publicly released. He plans to work on Alphatrack support too.