Frontier Tranzport backend

Hi all,

how do I test the connection of a Frontier Tranzport device with the regarding back end?

Using aptosid with kernel 2.6.37, I plugged in my transport device, and nicely a /dev/tranzport0 appeared. However, it does not appear as midi device within qjackctr and others.

I tried to test the interface with no success.

The other distribution I have on my PC is Debian stable - here no /dev/tranzport0 is created (afaik due to an older hotplug system), but does work and correctly displays button inputs.

Are there other ways to test the Tranzport? Is there a new backend similiar to the one?
Or is my kernel to new?




If you want to test the Tranzport in Ardour or with Ardour you will need to compile it yourself and you will need ‘libusb-dev’ on your system along with the regular Ardour dependencies. Since you are using Debian a simple ‘apt-get build-dep ardour’ should get the dependencies sorted out and then additionally ‘libusb-dev’.

Info on building Ardour here:

If memory serves you want to add ‘TRANZPORT=1’ to the scons configure line but I’m not 100% sure on that, perhaps someone else can chime in who actually custom builds for Tranzport devices.