From Sonar (Win) to Ardour - linux

I’m a former Sonar-XP user,
and I’m wandering if Ardour could be my next DAW.

First impression is quite good.
The main thing is getting my audio in/out,
mixing and using good plugins.
Then it’s midi, tempochanges, synths and samplers.
Then audio-stretching and loops :slight_smile:

I havn’t looked at the plug-ins yet,
but the Mixbus : Ardour + Harrison sure looked like a winner :slight_smile:

With Ardour and liux/Ubuntu Studio there is a learning curve,
and Ardour had some menu-look that made me want to close the program and go back to what I was used too :frowning:

But the philosophy behind the linux/ubuntu/GNU-project is just so appealing to me that I want to hang on.

My soundcard Terratec EWX 24/96 does not come with linux-drivers, but is supported. I’ve made some progress, but are not sure it’s gonna work for my DAW. Anyway I did plan to bay a RME 9632 anyway, so I think that’s gonna work out fine.

I’ll look more into Ardour and report back…

Thanks for all your effort in making this a good pro DAW!

The one thing I do want to warn you about is that in its current released incarnation, neither Ardour nor Mixbus have support for MIDI Instruments. That is being developed in Ardour 3(Don’t know the story with Mixbus) but is not yet released. Just wanted to make sure you were aware of that.


Yes, I thought so.
What is the most popular midi-DAW in Linux?

There are a couple but it has been so long and I do so little MIDI work that I am not sure I am the best to speak on them.

Rosegarden is a popular one though. You might also look at things like QTractor and see if they work for you.


Try Rosegarden, it is fairly complete and stable enough for critical works.

QTractor, in my opinion, is still a bit unstable.

ok, thanks!

I use Rosegarden (with Qsynth) for MIDI work. It’s possible to use that for audio recordings too, but I prefer to sync Ardour and Rosegarden through Jack and do all audio recordings with Ardour. Rosegarden is great but I work better with Ardour and can’t wait for the 3.0 release…