Friends And Pete - Was Bleibt

Here is new song - in German, so most of you won’t understand a word …
Except for the voices and exactly one guitar everything is done with MIDI.
Yes it can be done with Ardour.
That one guitar has been contributed by my younger son Marius.
He had used an old LP-type Hagström with the pickups changed to no-name P90 clones.
I think this sounds absolutely amazing, the guitar as well as his playing!


When I read the title I expected a cover of the Klaus Hoffmann song with the same name. So I was in for quite a surprise.

It’s not my cup of tea, but it’s well produced. The guitar solo was another unexpected surprise in this tune. The guitar sound is great.

Judging by the lyrics you were having lots of fun.

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@x42 have to admit that I’m not aware of this song from K. H.
(Almost) never do any cover song …

BTW: thanks again for the brilliant AVL drum plugins, that I keep on using on and on.

Great Job Peter and friends!

This is one of the best examples of drum programming and the Red Zeppelin that I have heard and I would agree that was a very tasty guitar solo!

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