Frequency Interference - Pops and Clicks in Voice Recording

I’m very new to Ardour and have been playing around with some of it’s filters. I’m looking for a way to remove sudden frequency pops in a voice recording. The audio was recorded for a long video series so we don’t really have the option to re-shoot it.

Basically, as far as I understand it, the wireless Mic we were using would unexpectedly receive signal interferences and create a loud click/buzz noise randomly, often in the middle of the speaking. In the wav file you can see huge peaks where the buzz/clicks are.

I’m wondering if anyone has some suggestions as to what filters may reduce these clicks. I’ve heard of something like a “remove unwanted event,” filter. I’m not even sure if Ardour has something like that or even is the program I should be using for this task. If anyone has suggestions I’d love to hear them!


A parametric EQ perhaps. If you can isolate the frequency of the hum you can use a narrow Q to cut as little else as possible.

The Gnome Wave Cleaner seems to work for smaller clicks! So that’s a big step forward. Sometimes there’s also low lying hums. Anny suggestions for that?


You could try the Gnome Wave Cleaner.

I think audacity and the “repair function” might work.
Maybe the “draw tool” in audacity will help too

just some ideas. Good luck.