French translation

Is it now possible to get a patch to translate Ardour in french on Mac osx?

good morning
I saw your post
indeed i am french and i have ardour v.2.8.12
and I am unable to find the language set up.
may you help me


I tryed to install Ardour on a Mac for a friend, so I have download a demo version. Ardour is in English and i dont know how translate the soft in french or where could I download a french version.
If it is possible to translate the soft, he could give money to get the complete soft.

@Houston4444: you don’t need a patch to translate, and anyway, the translation already exists. Can you be more specific about what your problem/desire is?

It is already translated. Are your language preferences set correctly? Which version of Ardour?

To have your version translated: You go to options/other options/activate translation. You will have to reboot, and, when relaunched, ardour is in french.