French manual?

I’ve been searching the net and there seems to be no french version of the manual, so I thought I could help translate it, or even make up a team to do so. Are you interested?


I want to do the same thing for the Dutch language. I also want to provide a Dutch translation for the program itself if that’s possible. I joined the mailing list for that today, so we’ll se what comes out of that.

For french users, docs can be found here :

And it will be great to have a french manual yes !

i will enjoy help to translate the manual in french…
We are 2 in the team now !

Hi TomB,

Just saw your message about translating into Dutch now. Looks like both of us just found a team mate :slight_smile: Did you start translating yet? I have kind of half de po file done, but then thought it was time for some rethinking translations. Please look at my post:

Well we are trois now…

Let’s start!

I think the documentation is sufficient for now; and some things have changed with Ardour 2, so the actual documentation might be out to date at the time of the Ardour 2 release…we’d better wait for the next version of the manual.

Ok you’re right… but shouldn’t be this french documentation on the ardour website as well? Or at least a explicit link to point to doc?