Last night I tried to use the import menu, where you should be able to search and download sounds directly from

However, it didn’t seem to work.

It is a nice feature if it works, but maybe it should be removed if it has been decided that resources are better spent on other things.

Downloading the sound flies in the usual manner is no big deal - and I for my part would like to support the freesound project by uploading sound files once i get the proper equipment.

it is a good thing not to have to worry about licensing and copyright issues.

DonF and colinf

Thanks for looking into this. I think it is not worth while to bother about updating A2.

A3 must be really good since such details have been taken care off - I am looking forward to the final release.



Ardour must be built with FREESOUND=yes in order for Freesound import to work. I’m going to do that now, and see whether it actually does work. I haven’t used Freesound in a while.

I presume we’re talking about Ardour 2 here.

The Freesound API (which programs such as Ardour use to download sound files from has been changed since freesound import was added to Ardour. Ardour 3 beta has been updated to work with the new API, but Ardour 2 still tries to use the old API, which, sadly, the site no longer supports.

It might be possible to back-port the required changes from A3 to A2, if that’s what people want, but for now the only way of getting working Freesound import is to use A3 beta 3 or later.