Freesound option for Mac

I would like to know if there’s any way to activate the Freesound option in the native OSX version for a non programmer guy.
From the “How to build Ardour for OS X without X11 support” page says:

“Do you really need to do this? We provide Tiger/Intel ready-to-run packages of Ardour, and soon will also offer Tiger/PPC. Unless you are a developer with experience compiling and building applications from source, this document is not for you. Please go back to the download page”

So it means I cannot enjoy the Freesound option then?

Actually, the Freesound option is basically useless at present. The Freesound guys have a poorly-functioning) API to access their collection of sounds, and more than a year ago set out to redesign and reimplement it. They have not finished yet, which is disappointing. The result is that using the current API is totally hit-or-miss - sometimes you will not even be able to login. I wish there was some way to change this. Once Freesound is working properly, the option will be enabled by default in the OS X builds.

Thanks Paul,
I’m sure you will keep us updated about it.
Thanks again.