free songs and samples request for comments


in our Linux Audio Proof Of Concept project we try to find out, what can
really be achieved with free software only in the field of music making.
We use only some must-haves of affordable hardware (mixers, mics) to
have a situation similar to the typical Mac/Win home recorder, that
emulates outboard-equipment with VST etc.

Our Computers run 64Studio, JAD1.0 (without wineasio) and UbuntuStudio.
The main tool is Ardour2 whithout VST. All apps are GNU, all samples are
recorded by us and we had only one session with a Line6 pod in witch we
recorded about 20 seconds of the material we present hereby:

detailed description:
detailed description:

Both are in a demo-status, the first (ashita) needs a final mix and
mastering, the second will get a bass line and some more extras also and
will be re-recorded in a open demo-session with a band at the
Brandenburger Linux Infotage in Potsdam/Germ on November the first this

We also released some raw samples of drumkits and guitars:

please consult the README for a description and for detailed

Any comments, hints and derivatives are highly welcome!

best regards


i really like ‘ashita’. i’m glad to have heard it!