Free plugins for Linux users

Linux users:: if we look hard enough and find a plugin to try from places, there are companies that are willing to provide full-licenses to their own plugin(s) as they need more feedback as they attempt to bring things to the Linux platform…

I’ve been reporting bugs to companies and other developers, and there’s a couple on the way in getting fixed so they work better on ardour/mixbus.

If we keep pressure and request demos, and tell companies we are interested on their ports for Linux, they can even sometimes provide a full-license to their product.

Just to show you that there is interest out there from Linux companies that really want to get their plugins working …

I’ve purchased 2 premium(expensive) plugins and they unexpectedly started to crash the daw completely… provided feedback, and they’re getting fixed.

Another plugin just crashed immediately, reported it, and the developer is providing me a full-license copy as they do not have enough feedback.

So this is a word of encouragement. We should be spreading good news information like this.


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